Does Outbound Link Make Your Site Ranking & Authority Better?

Do outbound links help in SEO?

Outbound links are the links joined from your website to another website or domain.

Basically it means sending the user who is reading your post to another website from your site across the internet.

When you send link to your related domain means website related to your niche, it actually helps the search engine to identify your niche and also helps in increasing the quality and reliability of your website.

As it will play a major role in your sites SEO.


What Are Outbound Links?
What Are Outbound Links?

Importance of Outbound links in Site Ranking and Authority:

Increases value :

As we know content is the king, people are more likely to come to your site to read your content because of the quality factor.

If they are getting the best material presently available on the internet on a similar topic.

Quality content will always put you in focus from the rest of the players and it will boost the value for the users.

Hence, you will get to see a higher authority and page Rank because more people will come back to visit your site and google algorithm will notice it.

It will encourage backlinks:

It is helpful for everybody to share the links with other sites related to your niche, if you want to put a reference of another author on your site, you need to provide that link your blog post.

This can boost the content of your specific post and you can also ask for a link in exchange with other bloggers. 

In blogging, the exchange of link can be very beneficial for bringing exact targeted traffic to both sites.

Endorsing other peoples work on your site will also inspire them to do the same in return.

The more you link to other websites (similar to your niche and reliable source) and bring engagement to your content, the more chances will be to go higher up in the search engine result pages (SERPs)

Increase Relevance:

The search engine algorithms are such that when you link to other sites in your niche, the algorithm studies about your site to whom you are linking your site and how.

You can also think it as you are providing an indication to the Google crawler about what your blog post is all about.

When you provide backlinks to the high authority webpage, you actually build trust in your website that you are an honest player in your field.

So the search engine will take it into consideration and will show your page to the user more frequently in the search result

In the end, it is all about building the relevance and assisting the design of the web.

Improve Reputation:

As we know people don’t have time to visit every website regarding the topic they are searching for, so when you provide a time-saving approach where they find that information.

You will be viewed as an expert in the field.

By adding outbound links to high authority and relevant sources, you can improve your site’s reputation.

One red flag:  In backlinks, it’s only the small number of people actually click the links. Backlinks are not always useful in gathering direct traffic.

Some Best practices to follow in Outbound links

Some Best practices to follow in Outbound links
Avoid having too many Outbound Links:

If you are having too many outbound links, you will distract your audience and regularly push them away from your site to another site.

Mainly try to concentration more on internal linking, only link out to websites which are relevant to your blog.

If you are linking only for purpose of the claim, people will not click and if you are saying “this will guide you more” more number of people will click.

Open links in new tabs:

Outbound links will send users away from your site and this can be damaging for your site and irritating for readers.

So keeping bounce rate in mind, try to open outbound link in new tab.

Just add target=”_blank” to your HTML link.

Natural Linking:

Linking can literally benefit you to be more attentive in your writing if you want to link it to other site thinking this will bring value to your readers. Then link only to those who have discussed it in detail.

Link building should be in an organic way and not forcing the links into your blog.

If your writing is meaningful, there will be more traffic without forcing the link.

To find related links:

It’s Google-related link operator, where Google shows you what links are relevant to your site.

Google related link operator will list all the important and authorized sites in your niche.

In the google search bar, enter “related:’’” and google will show a relevant link to your site.

If you find some spam links as relevant links, then you need to start building links from relevant sites, so that will give a good signal to google search engine.

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