What is SEO and how it works?


It stands for Search engine optimization.

Why do SEO?

We do SEO to rank your website on the search engine.

It is the process for increasing the website traffic so that our website or particular web page should be visible to the user on the search engine.

By doing a proper search engine optimization you can get quality, organic, direct traffic to your website.

Optimizing a website or a specific web page actually means adding new content or modifying or editing the present content to get traffic.

 Depending on the specific keywords which you will have to put in your content which is relevant to what people are searching for the information on the search engine.

 How it works:-

Seo examines how the search engine works, the algorithms which are computer programmed will ensure the behaviour of the search engine, what people are searching for and what keywords or search terms they are typing into a search engine.

How does the search engine work?

Now SEO is divided into two categories:

  1. ON-Page
  2.  OFF-Page

Now, what is ON-Page SEO?


In simple words ON-Page, SEO is when we do optimization on our own website, which will help increase its rank.

There are various google SEO tools, here are some very important search engine optimization techniques which can be used in on-page SEO.

1. Meta tags:

Mega tags are situated in the HTML’s head area.

It is about writing an interesting title which is eye-catching. Include important keywords in URL of the web page, In addition, add related keywords in Meta description.

For every page of your website, you should add a set of keywords which are related, relevant in your content to your topic.

2. Content:

The number one rule is Content is very important,

therefore should be very informative and unique, it should be readable for the user.

The content you write should be related to the keywords you want to target.

Write content in paragraphs, use bold and italic texts to highlight the important content.

3.  Related Keywords:

Search for the keywords on keyword research tools like SEMrush, Href, google keyword planner. Above all Use those keywords which have high traffic.

Use those keywords in your content mostly in the first 100 words. Choosing SEO keywords is very important.

4.  Images:

Use image wherever possible for the relevant content, images have more power, also write alt text for images used.

5. Headings tags:

Use suitable heading tags, subheading tags, use them properly in paragraphs. (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6)

The heading tag H1 is of most important in the header section as google consider’s it.  H1 tag should be used only once on the webpage.

6. Sitemaps:

Sitemaps are important because by putting it, it is easy for Google to find your site’s pages and it helps to rank a website in search engine results.

Most often XML and HTML sitemaps are used.  

7. Internal linking:

Use linking between the pages of your website with the anchor tag.

It increases user’s engagement,

Help’s in ranking on the search engine.

It also will lower the bounce rate.

Linking helps because the user might discover new topics and spend more on the site.

8. Site Speed:

If you browse through the internet but find the website is taking more time to open or do not load fast enough, similarly you are like “let’s go to another site”.

So the site speed factor is important.

What is OFF-Page SEO?


OFF-Page SEO:-

 OFF-Page optimization refers to the activities you do outside of your website to improve the ranking on search engine results.

There are various google SEO tools, here are a few very important search engine optimization techniques with which we can do off-page SEO.

Such as Forums, Social networking, link building, content marketing, questions and answer sites, Social Bookmarking.

In this getting backlinks from the right site is important and not from just any other site. Getting links from a few relevant, well-built sites with high levels of authority can, therefore, increase website ranking.

1. Link Building:

it is the most effective off-page SEO technique to build inbound links from other websites to your website.

In other words, getting links from high authority site to your site which will increase traffic as well as ranking.

2. Social Networking:

As people are spending more time on social networking sites. above all it is a good technique to engage and strengthen your social network.

As it will help grow the reach of your website.

You can advertise and market your product or share content from your websites which would be helpful for the people on the social network.

It is to build your online reputation on the social network to get more number of visitors to your sites.

3. Forum Submission:

By participating in the various search forums which are similar to your website topic, you then can make an association with that forum community.

In conclusion, people will visit your site by viewing your article.

Answer the questions which are asked by the community members, provide them suggestions, reply to their queries.

4. Content Marketing:

People would like to visit your site,

spent time only because of your content, relevance, it provides value.

Always try to create the content with the audience in mind, as there is Instagram for images, youtube for videos, always take the benefit of different types of content platform to create the content,

Content marketing looks easy but is not,

because creating new, different content every time is hard.

but in the long run, however, is it very good for your success.

5. Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is a method to bookmark the web pages online which you find interesting to read it at any time. It is bookmarked on web pages in our browser.

Bookmarking is considered as a quality backlink in the view of search engines, In other words, it helps in increasing website traffic and page rank.

6. Questions and Answer:

Different question and answer sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc will be the best method to build your authority.

 Search for the related questions on these sites and answer them in this way you can bring value to your sites.

Firstly you answer the question on a similar topic after that leave a link of your site so that visitors can visit your site.

This method will be very powerful if implemented properly.

OFF- Page SEO is important in its own way.

These factors are not all, there is more method you can use for Off-page Seo. In conclusion, one thing the number of high authority sites refers to your site the more chances you will have to rank higher.

What is SEO and How It Works?