• Prayer for Peace
    Peace,  Prayers

    Prayer for Peace

    In a world full of confusion and worries, lots of people really want to feel calm. Whether it’s at home, in our neighborhoods, or all around the world, everyone wants peace. “Prayer for…

  • Kindness Quotes

    Kindness Quotes

    In a world where we could all use a bit more kindness, think of it like a bright light making our days better. Kindness isn’t just doing something nice; it’s like a strong…

  • Self-awareness Quotes
    Peace,  Stoic,  THINKING

    Self-awareness Quotes

    Embarking on a journey of self-awareness opens the door to understanding ourselves as humans. In this exploration, we encounter the ever-moving landscape of our thoughts, emotions, and the subtle nuances that make us…

  • Peace Quotes

    Peace Quotes

    Peace is a tranquillity, it is calmness, freedom from disturbance. you become peaceful when you at not disturbed by external environment and mind is focused on the present task. you become peaceful when…