How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog.

How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog?

Backlinks can benefit your SEO and increase traffic to your website.

We all are well aware of the importance of search engine traffic and getting a high-quality backlink to your site is one of the ways to increase your site ranking.

When we even think about SEO, we separate it into On-Page and Off-Page SEO, the main part of Off-Page SEO is backlinks.

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Backlinks help to boost your ranking in search engine result pages when you get quality links from different authority sites.

The main reason for generating backlinks is writing great content. If your content is not worth linking no one will link it to your blog.

How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog?
How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog?

Following are some ways to build quality links to your site.

Build a network with other bloggers which relate in your niche.

Submit your posts to your social networking sites.

Write your blog posts to your niche directories.

Submit your post to social bookmarking sites.

Start relevant threads in only high-quality forums and then link it to your blog.

 Social bookmarking is also viewed as backlinks and you can also target social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Use discussion boards like Quora by linking to your blog and also publish on

Ask questions on your topic in answer sites like yahoo answers.

Use blogging communities by posting your articles to them, some of them are Engage, Inbound etc.

Also, answer the questions on yahoo answers and give reference of your site.

Interchange links between other bloggers who are in your niche.

Write a controversial article to catch users attention.

Be transparent in your writing and have special writing style that attracts peoples attention.

Write blog which starts with the numbers, these type of posts also bring backlinks e.g. “5 ways to…. ”

 Trade articles with the bloggers in your blogger community.

Write news post or new invention and be the first one to write such a post.

Convert your posts to pdf and submit it to websites which share documents.

Write a post comparing some of the top bloggers in your niche.

Comment on do-follow websites and ensure the sites are relevant to your blog.

Submit a post on other blogs as a guest post.

Write the title of your blog which is more compelling.

Use a featured image in your post that is more interesting.

Include more images in your post than your competition because it will help in SEO.

Write a post on comparing various companies and services, write which is the best and why, and the best company will link to it.

Keep your blog regularly updated, people are more likely to trust updated information and it will also help in ranking due to more number of keywords.

Create videos on youtube of your niche and post the link into your blog.

Create manuals and tutorial post on your blog, this will also receive lots of backlinks.

Write a post with the title “the ultimate ”, these type of post can also get backlinks.

Submit your post to .gov and .edu forums and blogs, Google considers them as authority sites and backlinks from these sites are great benefits.

Also, join the facebook groups.

When you are trying to build quality backlinks for your site, you need to keep in mind the variation of quality and anchor text, while you are working on building backlinks to your homepage, you should focus more on building links to internal pages of your website.

Following are the link building methods which are to be ignored.

  • Article directory links are found to be not effective anymore.
  • In 2012, Google Penguin update it was specially targeted to get rid of sites using paid ways to build links or spammy.
  • Avoid bulk link buying from sites like Fiverr.
  • Avoid BlogRoll links
  • Avoid buying exact anchor text link.

As we discussed above the ways to get quality backlinks, there are still more ways such as creating a great infographic, writing competitive content, commenting on another blog post, creating a better network in social media sites etc.

This doesn’t stop here the ultimate thing is building backlinks by building relationship all over the network.

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