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Happiness Quotes

Happiness is a state, it is a feeling of contentment. it’s about the person you are, the choices you make and are content with yourself. Following are the Happiness quotes.

1. “Don’t go there, where there is no respect.”

2. “Don’t try to explain them, who doesn’t listen. “

3. “Don’t eat, what your body doesn’t digest. “

4. “Keep relations with them, those who understand you.”

5. “Don’t try to persuade them. those who can’t accept the truth.”

6. “Those who lose your trust, don’t try to lift them.”

7. ” Don’t be friends with them, those who change their friends like seasons.”

8. “Don’t get afraid of the troubles in life, because you are powerful beyond measure.”

9. “Live your life as happily as you can, because with each passing day our life’s clock is also ticking away. “

10. “The joy of small things can be lifelong. “

11. “To accept anything is happiness. “

12. “What exactly does a man need to be happy? Happiness depends only on belief.”

13. “It is not that great things have to be done to achieve happiness.”

14. “If you do not want anything bad to happen with yourself, then try to share your happiness with others.”

15. “Being content with what is good is happiness. “

16. “Never mind what someone else is saying. Because if you do, you will never find happiness. “

17. “It is definitely a success to get what you think about, But it is a happiness to be content with what we have found.”

18. “All we need is a light from the darkness. Happiness comes automatically. “

19. “Life is too short, So keep smiling until your teeth are fine. “

20. “Happiness is not something that we will preserve for the future. This is something you create for the present.”

21. “Money does not bring happiness, happiness must be in nature, which will bring happiness to you and others.”

22. “Avoid constantly comparing yourself to others. “

23. “Never despise anyone who burns at you.”

24. “Live to be happy, don’t live to impress anyone. “

25. “To live not only to show on face, but in the person’s soul is to live and enjoy happiness. “

26. “Why worry? Good times come, then bad times, good times again. nothing is permanent, so be happy.”

27. “A man connected with his family is always afraid and anxious, so if he wants to be happy, he should not get too emotional. “

28. ” Happiness starts with your thinking and what you tell yourself consistently. “

29. ” Happiness beings when you feel satisfied in your heart and mind and living your life without any fear. “

30. ” You start to enjoy each fraction of every second of your life, when you are madly, passionately and deeply in love with your life, that’s Happiness. “

31. ” Realize this one fact happiness is not a destination, it’s inside all of us. “

32. ” Just put a constant smile on your face and you will get more happiness in life with this idea.”

33. ” If you can make other people laugh or smile, naturally you feel happy. “

34. ” Happiness can be, receiving appreciations for something that you do with all your heart.”

35. “Do you remember when was the last time you laughed so hard that you couldn’t breathe anymore?”

36. “Happiness is a state of being, a way of life, not only an emotion but a choice.”

37. “Your life will be filled with as much happiness as you allow it to be.”

38. “The truest form of happiness lies in helping people.”

39. “Happiness is discussing your childhood memories with your long-distance siblings.”

40. “Cheer all moments around you and live life as happy as you can.”

Happiness quotes


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