Good Night wishes

Good Night Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

It really feels good when we receive good night wishes and messages for our loved ones and our close ones. By sending good night wishes and messages to our loved ones we show our affection towards them and appreciate them for who they are. By sending Good night wishes and messages we can bring smiles to their face. Read and send good night messages to make someone feel special.

  1. Good dreams will come to you when you fall asleep, Don’t stay fully awake that night. So close your eyes and sleep with your dreams. May your dreams be full of wonderful things.

2. You look so beautiful when you sleep, wish I was with you to cuddle and put you to sleep. Good night sweet dreams.

3. May you have a good sleep and cherish your dreams in sleep, so you are ready tomorrow with great energy and new hopes. Good Night.

4. Your dreams are waiting for you to cherish them in your sleep, you will have the best sleep tonight because you have worked hard today towards your dreams. Rest well.

5. May you have the sweetest dreams of your life in your sleep. because you are the sweetest person I have ever known and hope you have a sound sleep. Good night.

6. Tomorrow is waiting for you, to achieve more, learn more and live your life to the fullest. for that, you need to rest well tonight. Good night sweet dreams.

7. Sleep will make you feel refreshed, So put your worries aside and relax, have a sound sleep. Good night sweet dreams.

8. When I think of you I feel very romantic and since you are not here, I will sleep early and I wish you a good night. Sleep early as possible, so that we can be in each other’s dreams.

9. Have a sound sleep, My love, the moon is out to make you sleep early and stars are out so that you have beautiful dreams about me. Good Night my Love.

10. Here are my good night wishes for you. May your dreams are as colorful and sweet as you are in your life. So Sleep early and Don’t be awake. Good night dear.

Good Night Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

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