human behaviour psychology Silence is possible only when you do not think much of yourself. - Quotemantra

Human Behavior Psychology

Human behavior Psychology refers to the way humans act and interact. Following are some human behavior Psychology tips for building a positive attitude. Psychology facts about changing human behavior.

1. If you care about something, you’re going to be thinking about it and if it’s not going the way you want to go obviously that’s going to distress you.

2. You always, always, always have the choice to stop focusing on something.

3. Everything is a mindset. In order to create the life that you desire, you have to see beyond what is currently in front of you.

4. When it comes to creating what you want, you want to ask yourself what is the version of me that has this thing I desire.

5. You need to control what you can control in front of you right now and anything that you cannot control you drop the focus on it.

6. When you feel fulfilled within yourself you stop taking the physical reality so seriously and realize it’s there for enjoyment.

7. No relationship is perfect and it is a mirror of whatever you dominantly feel and expect in the beliefs that you hold about yourself.

8. How you react to a circumstance shows you what your belief is.

9. If you can at least stay in the knowing in your mind and body, you’re going to see that manifest result.

10. If you understand what is you and what is not you, if you keep a little distance from that, your mind will become still.

Human Behavior Psychology

11. If you don’t identify with anything, there is enough energy in your body to become intense.

12. When there is a periodic destabilization of the system, there is a great possibility for changing.

13. The more security-oriented you are, the more disturbed you will be with every change that happens in your life.

14. Talking spirituality, acting spiritual is no good. Some transformation must happen, isn’t it?

15. When you resist change, you’re resisting the very fundamental process of life. Frustration is natural the moment you resist change.

16. Stress means the inner dimensions of who you are under friction.

17. What you try to forget will be amplified in your mind.

18. Stress is just your inability to manage your own body your mind your emotions and your life energies.

19. The more you pay attention to the natural and simple quality of being, the more your discerning ability becomes sharpened.

20. Equip yourself in such a way that no matter what life throws at you, you make it into a wonderful possibility.

Human Behavior Psychology

21. To be peaceful means that your system is at ease, you know how to conduct your mind, body, emotions, and energies.

22. Lifestyle becomes important because we keep on living in comparison to somebody else. We want to live a little better than somebody else. Don’t misunderstand your lifestyle as life.

23. Unnecessary stress in your mind will come down when you shift your fundamental understanding that life is precious, lifestyle is not precious.

24. Do not worry about your future. If you do your present well, the future will naturally blossom.

25. Right now the way you feel, understand, and act in your life is just the way your software in your mind is.

26. Because we have a mind, we can remember our experience of life and from that, we can create imagination and from that, we can manage to plan and manifest what we want in our lives.

27. If you are ill-managed then you want to be in a nice place all the time, you will not step out into anything.

28. There is a phenomenon of life within you that is far bigger than all the entertainment you have. But most people are only living with the psychological drama of their own thought and emotion.

29. Your existence is constantly in engagement with the universe, but your mind becomes against the universe.

30. More issues come up in your life means you’re living a more active life. Nothing that came up means you’re not living.

Human Behavior Psychology

31. Being in competition with the universe is a stupid thing to do because most human beings have taken themselves too seriously.

32. Human experience happens from within not from outside, Your experience of what is happening with you right now is one hundred percent determined by you.

33. The privilege of being a human being is that we have the intelligence to determine what should be our experience of life.

34. When you start realizing that when you feel good, things go well. So really start paying attention to your mood and you can always control your mood.

35. We need to learn to handle this life lightly, and then we will do appropriate things. The moment we get serious about everything, then we become sick.

36. You are not suffering your life, you are only suffering the two greatest faculties of being a human, a vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imagination.

37. One basic ingredient of your life is time and this is just going. If you are not investing in anything in your life it will just go waste.

38. The moment you’re identified with something, your intellect will work only to protect that identity. No matter what whichever way you think.

39. Before going to bed see if you can keep all your identities by the bedside table and sleep.

40. Keeping your mind life-friendly is definitely your business.

Human Behavior Psychology

41. If your mind is working against you the first and foremost thing that you can do is take a break from every damn thing that you’re doing. It doesn’t matter what you are doing.

42. Anybody who is not doing any good to himself or to anybody around him has really no right to call himself human. That much intelligence and awareness nature has put into you.

43. If you walk joyfully on this planet, suddenly you see the whole world looks beautiful.

44. Whatever you don’t have, looks like at that moment, that is the highest thing.

45. When you are in any state of compulsiveness, you don’t see anything the way it is, it gets exaggerated.

46. The more things hurt you early on in your life, the wiser you should become and not wounded.

47. There is no anger in the world there is anger in people’s minds individual minds.

48. What can you think, only the data that you have collected, you’re recycling it, It’s of no great consequence.

49. Your thought process is just an outcome of the limited data that you have gathered.

50. At least your body and your intelligence must work for you, If this one thing happens you living blissfully, gracefully, effectively is a natural consequence.

Human Behavior Psychology

51. If you want to enhance this life you must super enhance your faculties.

52. Your body is your greatest chemical factory. If you are a good manager of this, you can create any experience that you want from within and also heighten your faculties.

53. When people are constantly half-alive pleasure becomes an important part of your life.

54. The moment you believe this is it then there’s no need for your mind, a mind is a tool for exploration not for drawing conclusions.

55. Every possibility that this life is, you wish to know when you are alive. If you want to know life, You should not take any position or any opinion about anything.

56. If you’re looking at everything fresh you will not miss a single possibility.

57. Your petty creation has become larger than the magnificent creation of the creator.

58. Your psychological reality is something that you’re making up, you can make it up but you must be able to switch it off when you don’t want.

59. If you can identify what is existentially true and what is not true, you will navigate your way through life effortlessly.

60. If your mind, your body takes instructions from you being peaceful and joyful is not even an issue.

Human Behavior Psychology

61. If you handle your confusion consciously, the mind is a very productive instrument. The nature of the mind is the confusion that’s its beauty.

62. The more intelligent you are the more you will wonder about life. If you constantly confuse that means you have a functioning intelligence.

63. Silence is about moving from compulsiveness to consciousness. Sound is of the surface, silence is of the core.

64. Silence is possible only when you do not think much of yourself.

65. When you don’t know unnecessary things the energy that you have slowly transforms itself into potential power.

66. If you spend two minutes with your eyes closed, you will realize, you cannot do anything forcefully with this mind.

67. What I am thinking, what you are thinking is not the important thing. We are alive right now, that is the important thing.

68. It is important that you focus on this fundamental sense of aliveness that is within you and then you will see there is a natural distance between you and your thought process.

69. Generally resentment, anger, it is always directed towards somebody. But we need to understand, this is a poison that we are drinking and expecting somebody else to die.

70. The word thinking means you are exercising your thought process consciously.

Human Behavior Psychology

71. Death is the one common denominator among all of us. Isn’t it.

72. Only when you remind yourself that you’re mortal, wanting to know something beyond the physicality of who you are, becomes an active process.

73. You will become receptive only when you know, the body that you carry, the psychological drama that you’re going through, all this one day will end.

74. In this cosmos, even this solar system is a tiny speck. Tomorrow morning, if the entire solar system evaporates, nobody will notice it.

75. You are crippling yourself because you have made unnatural divisions in existence that doesn’t exist anywhere else except in the human mind.

76. Your ability to experience your life is only through the instruments of your body and your mind.

77. If you try to equate everything, all sensitivity about life will go away.

78. Your psychological process is entirely your drama, It’s got nothing to do with reality.

79. Whatever your thought is, you think it’s you. but your thought is coming from certain information that you gathered from outside.

80. If you can manage a steady sweetness of your emotion, you are in love with everything around you.

Human Behavior Psychology

81. Once the longing is big enough, everything else will align with you that is the nature of the universe.

82. As you get identified with this thing and that thing, you’re throwing your anchor hoping your ship will go somewhere. But it’ll only sink.

83. If you’re in communion with truth, your associations will be just associations, not attachments. You will know involvement in life.

84. The reason why this life does not get to its natural destination is every minute whatever you set your eyes upon it gets identified with it.

85. Our passions can turn into poison if we start becoming resentful for the non-fulfilment of those passions.

86. By hating someone, you’re not doing anything to them. You are destroying yourself.

87. The more active you are, the more unexpected things happen to you.

88. Instead of trying to control what life should throw at you, equip yourself in such a way, no matter what it throws at you, you will make it into a wonderful possibility.

89. When 99% of the things that you’re doing are unconsciously, definitely life will look accidental.

90. If there are a million impacts on us but what we make out of it is still us.

Human Behavior Psychology

91. It’s very important that we first fix the identity. If you fix the identity as not a limited identity but as a cosmic identity. Then intentions will naturally flow.

92. You just have to see the world as yours. You have to see this universe as yours and it is yours.

93. If you carefully look at your desiring process itself, you will see you’re not willing to settle for anything limited. Isn’t it.

94. There is something within you that doesn’t like boundaries. There is something within you that is longing for the ultimate always.

95. We are seamlessly moving from this to that because that is what a dialectical culture is. That’s how life is.

96. Right now you have not fixed the interior, you are trying to fix your interiority by fixing the world around you, which is juggling.

97. Whichever way you suffer, it is not because of the situation, It’s because you have not learnt how to conduct this human mechanism.

98. If you did happen the way you want yourself to be, for sure you would keep yourself blissful and wonderful, isn’t it?

99. If you understand that this is a limited amount of time and energy, you would see how to master this in some way. Do whatever you want you can’t stop one minute from rolling.

100. If you seek in unconscious ways, you will always remain frustrated and the chances of finding it are remote. It’s better to seek what you want in a conscious way, in a focused way.

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