Meditation Quotes
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Meditation Quotes

Meditation has been shown to lower stress, anxiety, sadness, and pain while also improving serenity, perception, self-concept, and overall well-being. Meditation can help us to improve focus and awareness, as well as to achieve a mentally clear, emotionally peaceful, and stable state. Enjoy the following meditation quotes from Quotemantra.

1. “Live in the present moment with all your being, as it represents the true nature of existence. Release any attachment to the future.”

7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change The Brain

2. “In meditation, observe each thought and feeling without judgment, simply witnessing and flowing with them, without labeling them as right or wrong.”

3. “Within the mind lies madness. True meditation can only be experienced when one transcends the limitations of the mind.”

4. “When you enter a state of profound meditation, time and space dissolve. They are constructs created by the mind.”

Meditation Quotes
Meditation Is Even More Powerful Than We Originally Thought

5. “Through the practice of meditation, let go of illusions and distractions, and discover the timeless truth that resides within your heart.”

6. “The calmness residing within the mind is a valuable jewel that illuminates the path of wisdom.”

7. “In order to grasp the immeasurable aspects of existence, the mind must be exceptionally quiet and completely still.”

8. “Your existence surpasses the realm of your mind. You transcend the patterns of your habits. You transcend the boundaries of your preferences. You exist as an elevated state of consciousness.”

9. “Rather than trying to conquer the mind, your goal is to be a mindful observer of its activities.”

10. “By regularly and deeply engaging in meditation, you will soon observe that your actions consistently spring forth from a deep sense of peace within.”

Meditation Quotes

The Power of Meditation

11. “Instead of wasting time chasing butterflies, dedicate your efforts to nurturing your garden, and you’ll witness the butterflies being naturally drawn to it.”

12. “Be present in the stillness of meditation, and let the tranquility of your mind reveal the secrets of your soul.”

13. “Through the practice of meditation, the muddy waters of the mind gradually clear, allowing clarity to shine and guide your thoughts and actions.”

14. “Nothing fades away until it has enlightened us with its intended knowledge.”

15. “While it may appear that the circumstances are responsible for the suffering, the reality is that your resistance is the true source.”

16. “When you release your attachments and allow things to be as they are, you will experience true freedom, even from the cycle of life and death. You will bring about a transformation in everything around you.”

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