“Your time is very important, don’t even waste on people who don’t admire you for who you are.”
Life Lessons

Life Lessons Quotes

Life Lessons are the knowledge lessons which people learn through struggle in life. life lessons are subject to the individuals in their life journey. Life Lessons quotes.

1. “You have to love yourself first, otherwise no one will be able to make you feel loved.”

2. “People say you should speak the truth but in reality no one likes to hear it.”

3. “Don’t put labels, people change, accept it, move on.”

4. “Nobody gets better overnight.”

5. “Patiently wait for things and experiences which are yet to unfold.”

6. “Think twice before you speak, react or yell.”

7. “Stop chasing and impressing the opposite gender. “

8. “Never sacrifce your happiness for someone else.”

9. “Your attitude will matter much more than knowledge or intelligence.”

10. “Don’t speak any negative thing about yourself.”

Life Lessons quotes

11. “Notice when to speak. Silence is a great language.”

12. “Everyone becomes an idiot in love.”

13. “Win or lose, keep on doing your work.”

14. “Except your family, No one is really happy with your success.”

15. “Limit yourself from social media activities.”

16. “You cannot change other people.”

17. “Everyone is there in your life for a reason, they will leave you when reason ends.”

18. “Focus on your career and make plans accordingly.”

19. “You always get what you are.”

20. “Whatever has come to life has to die.”

Life Lessons quotes

21. “Don’t waste time on useless things.”

22. “It’s very painful to deny yourself and live to please others.”

23. “Your time is very important, don’t even waste on people who don’t admire you for who you are.”

24. “Expect nothing from anyone.”

25. “Money and status changes the way people treat and perceive you.”

26. “Failure and pain teaches a lot in life.”

27. “Life is not in years, months, week or days, life is in the moments.”

28. “People who act cool everytime are mostly empty from inside.”

29. “Without self interest their is no friendship.”

30. “Don’t follow the crowd, create your own way.”

Life Lessons quotes

31. “Meditation is a great practice to change your mind.”

32. “If you betray anyone it shows your character.”

33. “If you want to manage your life, then you have to manage your time first.”

34. “Learn new skills and build powerful habits.”

35. “Practice breathing techniques when you feel stress or anxiety.”

36. “Don’t ever exibit your negative emotions on social media.”

37. “When you’re done missing them, they will miss you.”

38. “You should give respect to get respect.”

39. “Its okay to be alone, it doesn’t mean you are weak in any sense.”

40. “Be mature enough to handle an insult. Don’t get triggered, laugh at yourself.”

Life Lessons quotes

41. “Other people’s perception of you is none of your business.”

42. “Your compliments can make someone’s day.”

43. “Be humble, Never brag.”

44. “Your bad mood can affect people near you. Be courteous.”

45. “Be true to yourself, don’t lie just to fit into the frame.”

46. “Why do you hate yourself for something that you are not, instead love and be grateful for everything that you already are.”

47. “Discipline can be the strongest form of self-love.”

48. “Having detachment in life is a good thing.”

49. “One must expand the boundaries that limit one’s personal growth in life.”

50. “It is very easier to give advice than to take it.”

Life Lessons Quotes

51. “In life, sometimes it’s not a loss when you let go someone.”

52. “Being angry will blur your vision, being happy refines your sight.”

53. “Dare to live life which is full of good problems.”

54. “Clarity is power, it comes with experience not from thought.”

55. “In your life, you must learn to act in faith no matter how you feel.”

56. “Your hobbies outside of your work help you become more efficient at work.”

57. “Little things which seem insignificant at the moment, but when practiced consistently can change your life.”

58. “Arguments most of time will lead to hurt someone’s feelings than changing their mind.”

59. “The more we give, the more we receive.”

60. “Learn to live outside of your comfort zone.”

61. “See it for yourself, your wishful thinking will transform your life or your action.”

62. “If you play it safe you will miss out many opportunities to explore or discover yourself in your life.”

63. “Figure out which works for you, Being kind is important or being right.”

64. “Ask yourself what am i willing to struggle for, to live the life of my dreams.”

65. “Healthy love in life is people addressing the issue and solving it with each other’s support.”

66. “Try to be proactive and have control over your emotions.”

67. “Do things that make you happy and satisfied, Not what people say.”

68. “Make a daily routine and rigorously follow it.”

69. “Always be devoted to the work you do.”

70. “Whatever anger you are holding within yourself, throw all that anger on the exercise.”

Life Lessons quotes

71. “We can overcome any situation in our life with the help of a belief system inside us which shapes our reality.”

72. “You have to believe in yourself and you can fight back and rise again from any low situation in your life.”

73. “Be conscious of what drains your energy, be it media or people. stay away, don’t let it seize your mind.”

74. “Be open minded, its fine to make mistakes, you learn more from failure.”

75. “If you want people to like you, ask them to do little favors for you.”

76. “Put an end to your troubles today itself, don’t carry it forward.”

77. “The more correct you are in your life, job or business. The less stress you will feel.”

78. “Search happiness and peace inside you not in outer world.”

79. “See yourself as worthy and loved, you are the god’s greatest creation.”

80. “There is no point in worrying about the future that’s not in your control.”

Life Lessons quotes

81. “Time is precious. Invest it on more worthwhile goal.”

82. “In this world of competition, it makes us feel we are not enough or we are not doing much. we should heal and pamper ourself. Seek work life balance.”

83. “Balance is important in life, you got to work hard and take out time for things what’s important to you.”

84. “Be curious and ask questions all the time.”

85. “Never procrastinate to complete your work.”

86. “Be positive and learn from your mistakes.”

87. “Always be a better listener and meet new people.”

88. “Do volunteer work and help people.”

89. “Endurance and positivity will keep you going during hard times. Cherish values for growth.”

90. “Real courage is not about being fearless, real courage means taking bold actions while facing fear.”

91. “Be relaxed, don’t ever say bad about anyone and keep helping others.”

92. “Anger is not a solution to the problem. Understand, accept and solve the problem.”

93. “Be honest with yourself and your work. Stop justifying your actions. Results will prove the work.”

94. “People will betray, lie or physically harm us. Don’t let them enter in your mind. Such people don’t deserve your time.”

95. “Stop sharing your secret and personal life to other people when you get emotional.”

96. “Don’t waste your emotions on wrong person or in wrong relationship.”

97. “Start treating your body as a valuable thing instead of using it like a dustbin.”

98. “Do what really needs to be done, not what seems normal or what is easy.”

99. “Be grateful about life, appreciate the things you already have.”

100. “Success is 90% courage and 10% brain.”

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