perseverance quotes

Perseverance Quotes

Perseverance is sticking to your plan without giving up. it is doing what needs to be done in spite of fear, failure, pain, discouragement until you achieve your goals. following quotes may help you in keeping you Persevere in your goal. Perseverance quotes

1. “Most people don’t get it, the less pain we endure, the more average we become.”

2. “A winner never believes in coincidence.”

3. “The people who stick with problems longer and never stop always wins the race.”

4. “There is no limitation for tolerance, the more endurance and patience you have, the more you achieve.”

5. “The secret to achieving any goal is to be persistent. “

6. “Most people give up when they face trouble and assume failure. only some people see failure as stepping stone and succeed.”

7. ” When people who say you can’t have the fortitude, they just underestimate capabilities of human spirit and mind.”

8. “Don’t bother when people don’t believe or help in your dreams. Because those people don’t even believe in themselves.”

9. “If you want to succeed, increase your attention span, not just intelligence. Don’t get lost in thoughts, Expand your consciousness. “

10. “Learn to remember why you started the journey when you face troubles in the process of achieving your goals.”

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11. “The real failure is not when life knocks you down. the real failure is when you refuse to get up.”

12. “Each rough rainstorm, in the end, gives way to sunshine, so never give up when you face troubles.”

13. “You must be bold and keep pushing yourself towards things you want, push little bit more and then some more. “

14. “Most people give up when success was just around the corner, just when they could have stayed persistent a little longer or done a bit more they could have succeeded.”

15. “You need enthusiasm when you are seeking ideas and perseverance when you want to succeed.”

16. “People move so much dirt in the mines to find a little jewel. Use this principle and dig out the negative things in your life to find what you want.”

17. “If you are determined to pay the price for your goal and take consistent actions. You will discover your strengths and finally succeed.”

18. “Everyone has tasted failure at some point in life. Mentally strong people count it as experience and go beyond it.”

19. “Care less about pain, failure and suffering on the path of your goals. Count it as experience and your chances of success will be higher. “

20. “Pushing one’s limits is painful but that’s how you discover your strengths.”

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21. “Sometimes hard work is also not sufficient for success. You have to do the right thing unless it won’t work.”

22. “If you want to achieve something, just stick to the process of achieving for a long time. Perseverance is the key.”

23. “The greatest protection used in the process of achieving success against failure, pain and disappointment is perseverance.”

24. “When going gets tough, it’s the process which simply wants to know are you fit for the journey.”

25. “As human beings we are very powerful, these failure’s, pain and suffering along the path don’t define you, show them how powerful you are. “

26. “You learn more in a difficult situation than in an easy situation. And your experience can help others.”

27. “Success requires some sort of action, Successful people make mistakes, they keep moving and never give up.”

28. “You are responsible for the quality of work that you put in. not the outcome.”

29. “You will be impatient if you focus on shortcuts or outcome. Do the necessary work and Focus on the process.”

30. “It is persistence, perseverance and constantly improving ability in spite of difficulties and discouragements, which separates the strong person from weak.”

31. “You will encounter pain while moving towards your goal and also after living life from a comfort zone. So either way, get something worthwhile for it.”

32. “If a tree is fallen across your path, will you test your strength to move it or you will show patience to find an alternative. Or return back where you started.”

33. “Don’t complain, it will not get you results. Keep going, be optimistic, maintain the balance in the process and fight till the end. “

34. “Your anger will only hurt you and Cause troubles in your path. Accept the ups and downs. Keep going.”

35. “The journey between start and finish makes the difference. Anybody can start but only a few make it big in the end.”

36. “The uncertainty of life is more enjoyed by the people who endure and persevere. “

37. “Failure is a simple way of removing the unessential in the process. Reminding you to pick yourself up and try again.”

38. “Be persistent like bamboo, in stormy weather it bends. But it doesn’t break.”

39. “Live your life to the fullest whether it’s pain or pleasure. Don’t leave the stone unturned.”

40. “There are annoying levels of perseverance, you have to surrender and committed to the process. Which will take you very far in life.”

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41. “The mountain in your life might be hard to climb, but once you get to the top the view is amazing.”

42. “One of your biggest opportunities for transformation in life is the challenges you face.”

43. “You are able to withstand from difficult conditions only when you expose yourself to things you are afraid of or make you uncomfortable.”

44. “Challenges are like surprise test, its another opening for becoming better and gain more experience.”

45. “Overcoming challenges in life is what makes life more significant and fascinating.”

46. “The person who has a spirit of perseverance any level of hardship means nothing to him.”

47. “Consistently put steps forward in the directions of your dreams no matter how small. one day you will be amazed how far you have come.”

48. “Regret will hurt forever, but with failure new can start again, so never give up and persevere.”

49. “From start to end diligence is required, if you want to make it big.”

50. “Persistent people are often dreamers and visionaries who see their lives as having a higher purpose than simply earning a living.”

51. “People who persevere don’t talk about obstacles, instead, they focus intensely on solutions.”

52. “Persistent people don’t complain about why it’s not working but look for a way to increase their chances of success. “

53. “People like to be mentally strong, but usually, they don’t like the circumstances that put their mental toughness to test.”

54. “Have you ever seen a wolf giving up easily when he is hungry, No he keeps going till he is totally exhausted.”

55. “Persistent people have the ability to adjust themselves and adapt their action plan.”

56. “You need to develop your stamina and channel your stamina to make your dreams into reality.”

57. “The road that you are afraid of taking could be the one that changes your whole life.”

58. “People who look for an easy challenge may not find satisfaction in their success.”

59. “Persistent people focus constantly on their vision with emotions and energy.”

60. “Experienced and persistent people develop the capacity to handle the difficult problem with ease.”

61. “Persistent people are open to new ideas and change and continuously looking for ways to integrate great qualities into their lives.”

62. “Willpower and powerful level of desire keeps highly persistent people going.”

63. “People who persevere are more trustworthy than other people.”

64. “When failure strikes, reset yourself. Get a new perspective. Begin a fresh start.”

65. “Persevere like a ship, there are easy days and rough days, but it must sail through both.”

66. ” If you make an effort to do your best then that’s sufficient.”

67. “Always keep people in your life who supported you during your hard times.”

68. “People who persevere make more of their opportunities than they find.”

69. “Just because you fail a few times, does not imply that you fail in everything.”

70. “During hard times you must clap for yourself, motivate yourself up to keep going.”

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71. “Act on your priorities, keep your vision clear, stop worrying about uncertainty and keep mind in peace.”

72. “Maintain your enthusiasm and hard work during difficult times. You must always encourage yourself with positive self talk. “

73. “Whatever you want, you can have it. Just work towards it.”

74. “When you get stressed or worry, take a step back and breathe. March again when the vision gets clear.”

75. “No matter what society says, you can be like, I know what I want from my life.”

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