Imagination Creates Reality – Neville Goddard

Imagination Creates Reality – Neville Goddard

Imagination is used by successful people, athlete’s to achieve the desired results in life. Many studies have been conducted on imagination. The following article on imagination creates reality by Neville Goddard explains why.

“The great secret is a controlled imagination and a well-sustained attention firmly and repeatedly focused on the object to be accomplished.”

– Neville Goddard

Imagination is one of the powerful things in the world. No creature other than human has the power to imagine. This is a very special power.

Whatever things you see around you was first thought, created in one’s imagination and then manifested into a reality. That is why imagination is powerful.

Look around you all things that you see no matter how small or big, was pictured in man’s mind.

It is important that whatever work you are doing or things that you wish to experience in your life, you have to picture them in your mind.

Because when you imagine the things or experiences, you actually go or figure out the possible ways to reach your goal.

Most majority of people think that how can one get to their goals just by visualizing.

You cannot attract or experience the particular thing only by imagination. It’s true.

But it is also in fact true that if you don’t imagine it first how can it be in your experience.

The thing here is you have to imagine it first but then you have to direct all your energies towards it.

Imagination Creates Reality – Neville Goddard

How many energies do you have?

Your mind’s energy, Your body energy and your life energy. Your life energy is most powerful among it.

If you direct all three energies to where you want to go in life. Then it will change your life.

If you imagine that you want to be very wealthy and you focus all your energies on it.

Then all your actions and energy will flow in every possible way.

In day today life, when a person doesn’t taste success or doesn’t achieve his desired goal is only reason is his energies are not concentrated or not focused on one thing at a time. And maybe the person is not even aware of life energy.

Most people are aware of physical energy and mental energy. And not aware of the life energy (the life force which flows through you).

If you have control over life energy and use it with your imagination then you will find changes in your life.

You will find it amazing and miraculous. But that doesn’t mean you just sit along the day imagining and everything will work automatically.

Once you get to understand life energy, you will find ease in everything you do and life energy will make you work or act in a certain way to achieve your goal.

Imagination Creates Reality – Neville Goddard

Try to understand this stuff. The Law of attraction works like this.
When a thought enters the conscious mind, you imagine some things and think about them more.

Then your actions are carried out towards it. Because your life energies flow in that direction.

When your life energies, imagination, affirmation are focused on the things you want you will see changes in your life.

So, first of all, you should be clear about what you want.
You should imagine only the thing you want. It depends on you what are you focusing on. And it will change your life.

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