Focus - Most important aspect of life

Focus – Most important aspect of life

The focus of life.

The journey of life is a constant learning process. You learn till the last moment of your life.

Every successful person had many failures in their ways, failure teaching them a lot in how to succeed.

Failure is the cleaning agent, it strip’s out the unessential thing from our life. Most times we face failures because we are not focused in our life.

Human beings think between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day, which means its 35 to 47 thoughts in one minute, this tells us how much we lose our energy by giving power to these useless thoughts.

And most of the thoughts are repeated, habitual thoughts from yesterday.

Even if we reduce it to half how energetic we would feel.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”  –  Buddha

It is also important to be grateful for the thing that is already in our life.

That gives a sense of accomplishment and our mind wanders less.

Focus means being aware, paying attention to the present moment.

Be clear about what you want in life.

Read about your goals more and more, read it on the internet and in books, magazines.

Post reminders in phones, computer, on your wall.

Everyday take out time to work on your goal, schedule your day.

Focusing on the now moment.

Focusing in the present rather than the past and future events, we often spend so much time in our mind thinking about the past and future events and about people, “when he will say this then I will say that” these are the all resentful thing, be in the now.

focusing on the present moment can increase your effectiveness, can help in reducing stress, it helps to enjoy life to the fullest.

The best motivation for the power of now is Eckhart Tolle.


The story of Arjuna and the eye of the sparrow from Mahabharata. a Hindu Religious text.

One day Arjuna, a warrior prince and his brothers and cousins are being trained by great teacher dronacharya in archery and warcraft.

Drona gathers everyone together, places a wooden sparrow on the branch of a tree and ask everyone to aim for the eye of the bird.

Drona asks one the prince to come forward aim for the bird’s eye. And then ask’s “what do you see ?”

The prince tells, “I see the bird, the branches and  the tree.”

“What else do you see?” asks the teacher “Tell me everything you see”

“I see the sky, the clouds, the sun,” tells the prince.

Drona then asks next prince in the line the same question.

“what do you see”.

“I see the bird, the tree, the sun and the sky”

One by one the princes are asked the same question and they describe everything they see.

Then its arjuna’s turn.

“what do you see the boy?” asks Drona.

“Blackness, my teacher. I see blackness”.

“What else do you see ?”

“Nothing but the blackness, my teacher. That I all I can see.”

Drona asks arjuna. “what is this blackness arjuna?”

“it is the blackness in the centre of the eye of the sparrow, my teacher. I can see nothing else.”

“shoot,” says Drona. “ you will be master archer someday.”

And he was. The best archer in the world. A warrior without equal.

This kind of focus you should have in your life.

Look for the blackness in the eye of the sparrow.

Don’t get too much attached to the thinking, let the thoughts flow, observe the thoughts don’t get identified with it. Focus on doing. We become what we focus on in our life.

The focus of life – Quotemantra