self-control quotes inspired by Stoic philosophy

20 self-control quotes inspired by Stoic philosophy

These quotes embody the Stoic philosophy of self-control and mastery of one’s emotions. By reflecting on these ideas, we can cultivate greater inner peace and strength in our own lives. Here are 20 self-control quotes inspired by Stoic philosophy

1. “Be ready for the unexpected”

2. “Stop worrying about things you can’t control”

3. “Keep calm in chaos”

4. “Be happy with what you have”

5. “Accept everything that happens.”

6. “Talk Less, Listen More.”

7. “Do not fear death”

8. “You become like the things you consume”

9. “If it matters, if it worth doing do it now”

10. ” Your opinions are your problems”

self-control quotes

11. “You don’t control what happens, you control how you respond”

12. “Seek out challenges, do one thing every day that scares you.

13. “Don’t suffer imagined troubles.”

14. “Seeing things objectively, withdrawing judgements from them is really important”

“We have the power to have no opinion”

15. “Evaluate yourself, interrogate yourself, that’s how you get better.”

16. “Ask yourself, every moment is this essential.”

“When you eliminate what’s inessential, you get the double benefit of doing the essential things better.”

17. “Life is short, don’t waste time. Going through our life with a clear sense of our mortality is essential.”

18. “Almost all the things you want are accidental byproducts of habits, processes, systems, routines.

19. “Say less than necessary”

20. “When someone finds inner peace, they find harmony with the world around them.”

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